Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Knot Head Part IV: The Full And Half Windsor

The Windsor Knot
 Almost everyone should be familiar with this one.  The Windsor knot is very traditional, and pretty easy to master.  It has a nice symetry, and can be worn for just about any occassion.
Easy enough I manage it about every morning half asleep . . .
The only drawback to the Windsor is that it is a wide knot, so it doesn't work very well with button down Oxfords.  In fact, this knot is too wide for a lot of the narrower collars today. 
Instructions on tying a Full Windsor
There is an alternative--the Half Windsor!  It has some of those same symetry features as the Full Windsor, but it is sustantially narrower and slimer.  It's also a very easy knot to tie.
The Half Windsor
 As you can see it works well with the button-down collars. 
 So if you want something a bit more traditional, give the Windsor and the Half Windsor a try.  There's a reason these two knots have been around for decades--they are easy to tie and they look great.

This is the fourth installment of the Knot Head series--you can read them all here


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