Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Jimmy Hoffa: Freemason Or Not?

Jimmy Hoffa wearing his "Masonic" pinky ring

As the FBI searches for the remains of Jimmy Hoffa this week, the question comes up again.  What really did happen to Jimmy Hoffa? There are always those conspiracy theorists that tie Freemasonry into every scandalous event, and the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa is no exception.  They post this picture as evidence that Jimmy Hoffa was a Freemason--he's wearing a Masonic pinky ring.

Thirty-eight years ago, the labor leader vanished without a trace.  There was lots of speculation about what happened to him.  Many believe it was organized crime that did him in--and his body has never been found.  It has been said his body is buried under the end zone at Giants Stadium.  It's been said he's in the Florida Everglades.  It's been said his body was compacted in a junk car and sent overseas for scrap metal.  Today the FBI is looking for his remains in a field near Detroit.

Conspiracy Theorists have a slightly different take on the mystery.  They compare Hoffa's disappearance to the disappearance of William Morgan in 1826.  Morgan was allegedly about to reveal Masonic secrets in a book he was writing when he was abducted.  He was believed murdered, and his body never found--of course as the story goes, it was Freemasons that took him to protect their secrets.

These theorists believe Freemasons may have abducted Hoffa in the same way, to protect themselves from the knowledge that Hoffa was a Freemason, and that that Freemasonry was actually behind many of Hoffa's nefarious activities.  What they lack is any evidence.

Of course the big hole in their theory is that Jimmy Hoffa was not a Freemason.  As far as the "photographic evidence" is concerned, that red ring on Jimmy Hoffa's hand is just that--a ring with a red stone.


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  1. Interesting reading. As a Master Mason, I am often amazed at how quickly people will believe all the conspiracy, when just about any credible mason, can disprove all of it.


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