Friday, May 3, 2013

Winners of 2013 IPPY Awards Announced!

Always the gracious...uh, non-winner?
Although the winners have not yet been announced to the public, emails were sent by the Independent Publishers Book Awards to authors selected as winners of the 2013 IPPY Awards on Tuesday, April 30th.  Todd E. Creason's novel  A Shot After Midnight had been nominated in three fiction categories, and for two regional awards.

He anxiously checked his email 158 times on Tuesday awaiting news of his inevitable win, and began practicing the acceptance speech he'd be giving in New York during Book Week.

As the day wore on, Todd began to realize that news of his win might not be coming (we don't use the "L" word).  As always, Todd was gracious about it when he inquired to IPPY about the oversight.  He thought perhaps they had the wrong email address--they didn't.  The story of what occurred was greatly exaggerated.  In reality, the folks at IPPY weren't that upset and quickly took down the message Todd posted on their Facebook page--and it wasn't taken down due to the bad language, it was because IPPY didn't want the results to be known to the public yet.  At least that is Todd's official position.

By evening, the preliminary listing was sent out, and after reading through the entire list several times it was obvious that Todd hadn't won "even a $#%*& bronze medal?" 

The winners of the 2013 Eric Hoffer Grand Prize will be released in mid-May.  Todd has been nominated for awards in several categories in that one, too.  We hope his name is listed amongst the Eric Hoffer Grand Prize Winners.  We've already begun clearing the headquarters at Moon & Son Publishing of all sharp objects, etc. 

~Moon & Son Publishing

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