Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Paul Harvey: Freemason Or Not?

Paul Harvey 1918 - 2009

Hello, Americans!

There are few that don't remember that familiar greeting coming from our radio speakers. It was a voice we'd known for decades. Paul Harvey's distinct style became part of the American fabric, and although he passed back in 2009, America was reintroduced to the plain-speaking radio personality during the 2013 Superbowl, when Ram Trucks ran an ad celebrating not only the American farmer, but the memory of an American radio icon. It was considered by many to be the best of the Superbowl ads.

Paul Harvey got his first radio gig in 1933 while he was still in high school. He worked as a station manager, a director, a roving reporter. In 1940, he was covering the Navy which was building up the fleet in the Pacific. On his way home from that assignment, he heard the announcement that Pearl Harbor had been attacked. He enlisted in the Army Air Corps and served the United States until 1944.

In 1944, he moved to Chicago and began his broadcasting career in earnest. He became very successful. One of the most successful broadcasters in history. Paul Harvey News became the largest one-man network with more than 1,200 radio stations, 400 Armed Forces networks, and 300 newspapers. His best-known show was "The Rest of the Story."

Medal of Freedom recipient (2005)

Paul Harvey's name appears on many lists of famous Freemasons. In fact, I wrote a chapter about him when I was researching the first volume of my Famous American Freemasons series. In fact, I borrowed his style, and opened each chapter in my book with a story about the famous Freemason--without revealing at first who I was talking about. Classic Paul Harvey. However, that chapter never appeared in my book. His name appeared on so many lists of famous Freemasons, I assumed he was. When I finished my chapter and began researching the little section at the end of each of my chapters that detail the man's fraternal affiliations, I made a startling discovery.

Paul Harvey was not a Mason!

Paul Harvey, as a boy was a member of Demolay. Harvey was initiated into Delta Chapter in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1936 and is a Legion of Honor recipient. Harvey was inducted into the DeMolay Hall of Fame on June 25, 1993. But he never joined a Masonic Lodge.

As Paul himself always said, ". . . and now you know, the rest of the story."


Todd E. Creason is an author and novelist whose work includes the award-winning non-fiction historical series Famous American Freemasons and the novels One Last Shot (2011) and A Shot After Midnight (2012). He's currently working on the third novel expected to be released in 2014. All of Todd E. Creason's books are sold at major online booksellers like Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble and are available for both Nook and Kindle.


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