Saturday, May 11, 2013

Author Updates

I decided to come up for air. I've been working very hard on the new novel. I think it's the best so far. I still expect a Spring 2014 release. I have a working title, but I think I'll live with it for a little while before I release it.

I've done a few interviews lately--I seem to be on a streak. A couple weeks ago I did an interview with Moe Bedard on the Gnostic Warrior podcast. It was an interesting interview primarily about Freemasonry and it ran well over an hour in length.

Last weekend I did another marathon interview with Robert Patrick Lewis for his Far From Center(ed) podcast. I'll let you know when that one goes up. That one was a really fun interview. Robert is a former Green Beret, and author of Love Me When I'm Gone, and a Freemason. We talked primarily about writing and publishing, but of course we talked a little bit about Freemasonry, too.

And my old friend Brother Robert Johnson, editor of the Midnight Freemasons blog, has asked me to do something on his podcast coming up as well. I've been a longtime fan of his podcast Whence Came You? and it will be my first guest spot on the show. Robert Johnson's work is beginning to get a lot of attention--he has been doing a regular "Famous Freemasons" piece on the Far From Center(ed) podcast.

And we're not even going to talk about IPPY Awards . . . or the Eric Hoffer Awards. Scored a big zero on both. It wasn't my year apparently.

Be well and enjoy your week.

Todd E. Creason is an author and novelist whose work includes the award-winning non-fiction historical series Famous American Freemasons and the novels One Last Shot (2011) and A Shot After Midnight (2012). He's currently working on the third novel expected to be released in 2014. All of Todd E. Creason's books are sold at major online booksellers like and Barnes & Noble and are available for both Nook and Kindle.

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