Friday, March 1, 2013

Where Did The History On History Channel Go?

The Pawn Stars
I've been a lifelong history buff.  For years I've sung the praises of the quality of the programming on History Channel, and I've subscribed to both History and History International for years.  But I hardly watch it anymore . . . there's very little history left on History Channel.

I love history, that's why I pay extra for these channels--I'm interested in the subject.  If I'm going to watch television, I want to learn something.  I'm sorry, but pawn shops have little to do with history.  Nor to lumberjacks, or swamp people, or a couple guys going through other people's trash looking for treasurer.

And I'll tell you something else--I'm really sick of Ancient Aliens.  That seems to be the only show History International shows anymore.  Ancient Aliens day and night, and that guy with the weird hair. 

Can something so big be that hard to find?
And if you think you can find an interesting alternative on Animal Planet you're in for a surprise as well--unless you're interesting in Finding Bigfoot.  I've watched that show a number of times--you would think that at least once, they'd actually find Bigfoot, but they never do!  

Okay let's try The Learning Channel--oh wait, look, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.  

About the only history you'll find consistently anymore is on the Military Channel (which I love).  I'm just wondering when they're going to veer away from their original programing agenda and start broadcasting garbage as well. 

I guess the problem is I don't watch much television--I only watch a lot of television between writing books, but it seems like every time I get between books, which are relatively short gaps about a year apart, the quality of my favorite television networks has declined further.  And some of the worst television out there seem to be on the cable networks that found success by broadcasting shows that were well produced, interesting, and had educational value.  My oldest daughter grew up watching Animal Planet, The Learning Channel, and Discovery--but my youngest daughter won't.  There very little of value left. 

Don't get me wrong, I watch the Pawn Stars.  It's usually because there isn't anything else on--like stuff about history I'd rather watch.  I think what history buffs need to do is start letting the History Channel and some of these other networks know we'd rather they focused a little more on the kinds of programming they got off the ground with.  That's what originally attracted viewers, so there's still a market there.  They've just decided to become more mainstream by broadcasting low quality, cheaply produced pseudo-reality shows.  Perhaps the best way to get their attention is to do what I'm doing--call your cable provider and cancel them.  If enough viewers do that, it should grab their attention nicely.

Maybe they'll wise up--if they do, I'll be back. But I'm not going to pay extra for garbage, and I'm certainly not going to watch it.

In the meantime--hello Military Channel!    


Todd E. Creason, 33° is an author and novelist whose work includes the award-winning historical series Famous American Freemasons.  In 2011, he published his first novel One Last Shot which was followed in 2012 with a sequel A Shot After Midnight.   He's currently working on the third novel in the Twin Rivers series.  All of Todd E. Creason's books are sold at major online booksellers like and Barnes & Noble and are available for both Nook and Kindle.

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  1. Yeah, I've stopped watching the History Channel myself.


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