Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Winter Gear: Time To Break Out The Winter Tilley

I woke up this morning to discover that winter has arrived.  The temperature was in the twenties with a twenty mile-per-hour wind. 

Fortunately, I have an effective weapon against the cold--a nice warm hat.  I knew the day was coming, and had it ready to go.  I did a big u-turn as soon as I walked out the door this morning and hit that cold air and wind.  I went back in the house to retrieve my Tilley.

Mom always told us to wear a hat, because your head losses heat faster than any other part of your body--right?  Well, that's not necessarily true as science has since proven.  It's a myth.  Your head doesn't release any more heat than the rest of you does.  But when your head isn't covered, it's a large area that is very exposed--especially when the rest of you is covered with nice warm clothes.  If you're not wearing a hat, you're just not going to feel warm on a cold day.

I was so pleased with my Tilley summer hat, last fall I bought one of the Tilley TEC-Wool winter hats--it's the TTW2.  I was very impressed with it.  It's very light, it's comfortable and very warm, and it has ear-flaps that fold out if I need them (and that's come in handy a few times including when we took our little monster out on a rather cold Halloween night).  And as with the summer hat, it's very durable.  It should last a lifetime.  The TTW2 is more of a dress hat, and looks good with my typical work clothes (shirt and tie).  There are several models for winter that should satisfy just about any taste.  Check out the Tilley website.

And no, I'm not a spokesperson for Tilley--I've been asked a few times.  I just really like hats, and Tilley makes good ones. There's just not much out there that I can't tear up, and when I find something that is functional, good-looking, and virtually indestructible--I'm all in.  I don't have to be careful with it to keep it looking nice like I do with some of my other fedoras.  There are a lot of enthusiastic Tilley wearers--it's a rather unique group.  Tilley even has their own Facebook fan page.

Now get that head covered before you catch cold--winter has arrived!


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