Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Tilley Hat--I Still Haven't Torn It Up Yet!

Fishing in the rain wearing the Tilley
It's been nearly a year since my last update, and a few people have asked me if I've managed to tear up that Tilley Endurables TH4 I'm so fond of. 

The answer is no.  It may very well live up to it's "nearly indestructible" reputation.  That's one tough hat.  My goal when I got it was to destroy it--it has a lifetime garantee, and I really wanted to test that Tilley promise.  I thought it would take a few months, but I was wrong.  I've worn it another entire year--fishing, mowing, in the rain, burning garbage, strolling the craft fairs.  I've sweat in it, I've treated it badly, washed it numerous times (sometimes in pond water)--it still looks as good as when I pulled it out of the box.

Without question, it's my favorite hat.  It was comfortable and light when I pulled it out of the box a year-and-a-half ago, but as I've worn it, it's become even softer and more comfortable.  The brim has remained stiff--it's fantastic in the rain.  It's cool in the heat of summer.  It's got both a trooper strap in the back for a breezy day, and a chin strap for a windy day, and both tuck neatly into the crown when not in use.  It's made for the outdoors--and I spent a lot of time there.

A year later, at the same festival, doing the
same thing--eating beans and listening to
bluegrass.  Only the wearer has aged.
I don't think I mentioned it before, but one thing that's nice, is I can wear it driving.  The brim in the back lays flat enough it doesn't hit the headrest.  The problem with some of my other hats, the fedoras especially, is that I have to take it off in the car.  Not a problem with the Tilley.

And another thing I discovered this year has come in quite handy--I found a very useful purpose for that "secret pocket" inside the crown.  My iPhone fits in there.  When it's hot, and I'm wearing a t-shirt with no pockets, I tuck my phone up there--especially handy when you're fishing.  I feel like James Bond, or perhaps more appropriately, Maxwell Smart.  More than once during the last year, my wife Valerie has made the remark--"Todd, your hat is ringing." 

Yeah, they cost more than a baseball cap, but as I've learned, it's worth the investment.  I bought another one.  They've thought these designs through--every detail.  I also have a wool winter Tilley I like.  It's nice enough to wear to work, and is warm as toast (and the ear flaps that fold out has proven to be very handy a few times)--and is also very durable.  So check out the Tilley Hats.  It would sure make a nice gift for dad this Christmas--and yes, Jaclyn, that is a hint. 

And no--there is no connection between me and the Tilley Hat folks--other than my trying really hard to tear up their products.  I've never talked to them.  It's just a great product.  Seriously, how many products are left in this world with a lifetime guarantee?  Other than Zippo lighters.  When you see that, you know the manufacturer is confident in what they make.  I like things that are made well, and their hats sure are made well.

One helpful hint, however.  If your going to wash it out in pond water on a slow fishing day--make sure you take your iPhone out of the secret pocket first.  Just a suggestion.



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  2. I apologize to Logan--I accidentally hit "remove" instead of "reply" to his comment. He basically told me to give it up--he's had a Tilley for 22 years and hasn't torn it up yet. I'd come to the same conclusion.

    So if you get one of these hats, be sure it's one you really like, because you're going to have it for awhile.

    Sorry again, Logan.


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