Saturday, October 6, 2012

The John Wayne Mug! Now Available!

You know, I had a solid plan for releasing my quote mug series in the Midnight Freemason Store.  I'd actually thought it all out--I even had a schedule which mugs were going out each week.  But after the first two came out last week, I was flooded with emails.  It's good to know some of my favorite quotes are some of your favorite quotes as well. 

But the questions this week were all about "The Duke."  There were eight John Wayne quotes in my A Freemason Said That? collection, along with about 400 others.  But the majority of emails I received this week were about one John Wayne quote in particular.  Yes, it's one of my favorites, too.  So, the answer is yes--it's part of the series!  I'd planned on releasing it in the fourth week, but decided to move it up.  That mug is now available!  Go get it!

I can tell from the emails you want either the serious quotes, or the more entertaining quotes.  Each week, I'm going to release one of each.  The John Wayne quote is available this week, along with a great Douglas MacArthur quote.  But I have a feeling right now I know which mug is going to be the best-seller in this whole collection.  Gotta love "The Duke." 

Keep those suggestions coming.  I have twelve mugs in the series, but I'd be only too happy to expand on that. 


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