Thursday, October 4, 2012

Quote Mugs Now Available!

Those of you who enjoyed my quote collection A Freemason Said That? will be pleased to know I've taken a few of my favorite quotes from that book, and created a collection of coffee mugs.  There will be twelve all together, and the first two mugs are now available, so be sure and check out the Midnight Freemason Store.  I think you'll like the first two selections--there's a quote from George Washington, and one from Benjamin Franklin. 

I've always enjoyed great quotes, and after putting together my collection, I learned that I wasn't alone--it quickly became (and still is) one of my best-sellers.  And I do have plans to put together a second volume of quotes one day soon.

Ever since I published A Freemason Said That? it's been my plan to design and release a collection of coffee mugs, but one book has blurred into another, and another, and I am just getting to it--finally!

I plan on adding one or two mugs each week, and there is a lot of variety in the quotes I selected--a little something for everyone.  Hopefully, you'll find some inspiration, some motivation, some advice for daily living--and of course, I've tossed in a few just for laughs.


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