Friday, October 19, 2012

History Surrounds Us: Ghosts From The Past

Merged photo of same street in 1944 and today . . .
Sometimes we forget as we travel about in our daily lives, that history surrounds us.

One person that doesn't forget this is historical expert Jo Teeuwisse  When she found 300 old WWII negatives in a flea market in France, she got a remarkable idea.  She went back to the places where those old photos were taken, and took photographs of the same place today from exactly the same angles.  Then she did something truly amazing--she merged the two images to stunning effect.

Below, you'll find one of the stunning examples in this collection.  You'll find more examples of these photos here

Street Corner today

Same corner during a 1944 battle during WWII
The artists' final merged image
I hope you think about this a little bit. Take a moment every so often to remember just how much things have changed in your corner of the world, and the sacrifices that have been made along the way so that we can enjoy our peaceful communities.


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