Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Midnight Freemason Store!

Famous American Freemasons mug
That's right--I have a store on CafePress!   The Midnight Freemason Store.

A friend of mine just finished reading my first novel One Last Shot.  Years ago, I sent him a "Famous American Freemasons" coffee mug--I'd forgotten all about those mugs.  I only had a few mugs made for myself, and gave them out as gifts.  The mug featured the cover of my first book, and then portraits of some of the Famous American Freemasons I'd profiled in that first volume.  But I'd never made them available to the public, and I'd had plans to do that.  I'd also started a series of mugs that featured great quotes from Famous Freemasons--another project I never finished.

I wish it existed--I really like pie.
But Harv's only exists in my novels.
He sent me a really great design, and thought it would be a really neat coffee mug--it features the fictional "Harv's Grill" from my novel that is located in the fictional town of Twin Rivers, Illinois.  According to the mug, and the "facts" in my novel, Harv's serves "The best homemade pie in the Midwest."  I thought it was pretty funny (and more than a little strange, too), but I also thought it was a pretty cool design.  So I put that design on a coffee mug, and added it to the store, and made the store public.

There's not much available at the store yet, but more is coming!  I plan to begin adding a dozen mugs in a "Great Freemason Quotes" series over the next few months--and the designs won't be tied to my books (they aren't book promotional items like these first few items, just nice mug designs with a theme that I think Freemasons will enjoy).  I think they would make a nice gift for the Freemason on your Christmas list. 

And all the proceeds from The Midnight Freemason Store will be donated to two great charities--The Scottish Rite Learning Centers for Dyslexic Children and the Shriner's Hospitals.  I'll let you know when these new designs are available.


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