Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fraternal Ties: Great Gift Idea For A Freemason

I don't usually give testimonials, and I certainly wasn't asked to do so, but I received something truly remarkable in the mail tonight, and I thought I'd share it. 

One of my Midnight Freemasons regular contributors, SK Robert Johnson, pointed me in the direction of the Fraternal Ties website not too long ago.  They offer a line of very unique, handmade silk ties in limited editions--once they are gone, there's no guarantee they will make any more. There were a couple patterns I really liked, it took several days, and several visits to the website, but I finally decided on the "Memento Mori 2" pattern.  I ordered one, and I got it in the mail today.

Robert Johnson was right.  What a great tie!  It comes in a nice gift box, with a pair of matching cufflinks, and pocket square.  The pattern is very subtle (I enhanced it a bit so you could see the detail better).  It's well made, and is the perfect weight--not too heavy, and not too thin.  If you wear ties as often as I do, you know what I'm talking about.  Some ties are so heavy you wind up with a knot the size of a fist under your neck all day, or with so many cheap polyester ties, you wind up with a knot so small it barely covers your top button, and then refuses to lie flat.  I call those thin ties "coffee stirs" because that's where they usually wind up--dipped in your morning cup of coffee.  (I'm a little picky about ties). 

Wearin' my new tie!  Sorry Bro. Gomez,
I was so excited I tied a rather poor knot.
Masons love to dress nice for meetings and events, and Bro. John Paul Gomez offers a pattern for any taste--he even has a York Rite pattern in his current collection called "The Philosopher's Stone".  I think any of these ties would quickly become a Freemason's favorite meeting tie.  And I got mine just in time to wear at my monthly lodge meeting.

Christmas isn't that far off, and remember--limited edition!  You better do it today.



  1. Dear Bro. Creason, thank you very much for the kind review. I found out about it thanks to Bro. R. Johnson of wcypodcast.com. As of this writing, only two "Memento Mori 2" are left in my inventory and it will soon join the other ties in our "Previous Collections" web page. I am really grateful and humbled by all the support and Brotherly love given me by the Brethren by like you from all over the world. I will pay the kindness forward.
    Fraternally yours,
    Bro. John Paul Gomez
    Doric Lodge No. 316

    1. I'm a big fan of Robert Johnson's "Whence Came You?" podcast. That's how we met. He read one of my pieces on his podcast, and he's now a contributor to The Midnight Freemasons blog. When he suggests something, like your website, I tend to listen to him.

      I'm glad I didn't delay ordering a tie--it wasn't an easy choice. It took me a several days and several visits. I'd have been very disappointed if I'd waited too long and it had been sold out. Expect to hear from me again--there's a couple more designs in your current collection I like. And I'm anxiously awaiting to see your next line.

      I think the thing that impressed me the most, besides the quality of the tie I'd ordered, was the beautiful gift box and extras. That's a gift you'd be proud to give to any Freemason--whether it's Uncle Ed, or the Grand Master. I'm certainly going to enjoy this tie, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one...


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