Friday, August 31, 2012

First Creason/Shirley Article Published In Working Tools Masonic Magazine

The writing partnership of Michael Shirley and Todd Creason
Note he's working while I'm drinking coffee--perfect partnership
I mentioned some time ago I've joined into a writing partnership with Midnight Freemasons contributor, Bro. Michael Shirley.  We've been friends for several years now.  Our goal was to write a few articles for Masonic publications, from our unique perspectives, on topics that we think are both interesting, and important--and to have a little fun with it as well.  We've been rather successful at it.  We've finished one, and are working on a second which we'll soon be finishing up. 

And we have had a little fun with it--we sometimes make up excuses to meet face-to-face (like today).  We met in a coffee shop for a little brain-storming session, and then adjourned to our favorite authentic Chinese restaurant--The Golden Harbor.  Today we devoured an entire steamed fish in garlic sauce with a side of vegetables (Chinese cabbage and sliced mushrooms).  It must've looked like a couple Grizzlies snatching salmon out of an Alaskan river during spawning season.  But it was a successful lunch and we made at least one important decision on the third article--we're going to try the Pekin Duck next time.

Working Tools (September Issue)
But I'm happy to say, our first article The Craft in Thirty Seconds has been published in the September issue of The Working Tools Masonic Magazine.  I'm sure we'll be publishing some (if not all) of our future articles in this publication as well.  I was especially pleased to note that one of my favorite Masonic authors, Bro. Robert Cooper, published an exclusive piece in the September issue as well.  Not a bad start for a brand new partnership.

So visit The Working Tools Magazine.  It's available for download, and you can subscribe also to the print version there.  The September issue features 14 articles written by Freemasons for Freemasons.  Sorry, but our article is not readable in the free "perusal" issue--you've got to pay a little extra for the good stuff.


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