Sunday, July 8, 2012

The York Rite: Beginning A New Adventure

2012-13 Installation Champaign Chapter No. 50 and Urbana Council No. 19

That me on the left, and fellow Midnight
 Fremasons contributor Greg Knott (right)
 rockin' the red jackets this afternoon.
 I've been a member of the York Rite for several years, but thus far, my involvement has been to mail a dues check every year.  I've been too busy in my lodge, and with the Scottish Rite, and writing books to have much time left to get very involved.  But things have changed, and I was recently asked if I'd like to get more involved with the Champaign Royal Arch Chapter No. 50 (IL).  I was elected Scribe for the Chapter, and we had our installation today.  And my good friend William J. Hussey, Jr. was the installing officer for the chapter. 

William J. Hussey, Jr. seemed very excited
when he learned he'd be installing me
as an officer
When I received the Chapter degrees, I learned that some of the oldest ritual in Freemasonry, you'll find in the York Rite degrees.  I really enjoyed the chapter degrees, as they are familiar to a Master Mason, in fact, they are an extension of the first three degrees in Masonry.  I've wanted to get more involved for a long time, and this will give me a chance to learn a lot more about it. 

Left to right: William Hussey,
H.P. Ryan Irby, and me (Scribe)
One of the funniest things that happened today, was as our installation was being done, a rain storm was working its way through the area.  When they called Ryan Irby's name to be installed as High Priest, and he began to rise, a big boom of thunder rolled across the area.  I was sitting next to him, and he glanced at me and smiled.  "That's kind of ominious, isn't it?" I said.  "I hope that's not an omen," he replied.

The Urbana Council of Cryptic Masons No. 19 installed next, and my friend Tom Stites was installed Thrice Potent Master, and made sure I had a chair in the Council, too.

It's a great group of Masons, and I'd like to congratulate again, High Priest Ryan Irby and Thrice Potent Master Tom Stites.  This is going to be a fun year, I can tell.



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