Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's Good To Be Master . . .

"With great power, comes great responsibility . . ."

~Spiderman's dad
Gotham City Lodge No. 911

One of the greatest honors a Master Mason can receive is to be elected Worshipful Master of his lodge by the brethren.  I had the great privilege of taking this chair a couple years ago.  It's a year I'll never forget.

I remember going home after being installed as Worshipful Master.  I was all wound up.  I told my wife, Valerie, that it wasn't necessary for her to call me Worshipful at home--MASTER was just fine.

I was just joking of course, but it made her so angry, I didn't see her for two weeks!  Well, actually, after a week, I could see her a little bit out of my left eye . . .


Okay, before you start ripping me up, I swiped this from one of Rev. Jack Graham's sermons, and twisted it for my own devious intent.  But it's funny!  :-)

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