Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Master Yoda: Freemason Or Not?

"Good point that is Brother Senior Warden--
order more pancake mix for our
breakfast fundraiser we will." 

"Do or do not . . . there is no try."

Jedi Grand Master

Is it possible that the Jedi Knights are Freemasons--the evolution of our Craft thousands of years in the future?

I couldn't help but notice as I watched the Star Wars movies again how similar the ancient order of Jedi was to Freemasonry.  I began to wonder if maybe George Lucas hadn't modeled that ancient Jedi order on the Craft. Once I started looking for it, I noticed how often terms like "apprentice" and "Master" and "Knight" had been used in the movies. And of course there's the Jedi Council that meets in the Temple--and they have a Grand Master, Yoda. A source of great wisdom, enlightenment and leadership.

Sure enough, I wasn't the only person that had noticed it--do a Google search if you dare. The stark symbolism of darkness and light. The emphasis of staying on the more difficult enlightened path, and not being seduced by the dark side. The goal of becoming a better man. The idea of old mentors of the Craft helping apprentices learn traits and skills that enable them to be a force of good in the world.  All very strangely Masonic (yes, I know, it could apply to a lot of organizations, but I'm telling this story).

He's still angry over being expelled for
un-Masonic conduct
And then there are the levels, much like in Freemasonry:

The Younglings--  Demolay?  Or perhaps Entered Apprentices?

The Padawan--  Fellowcrafts?

Master Jedi--  well duh, that should be obvious. I'll bet there are rings--and lapel pins!

Jedi Knight-- maybe a title for those who have advanced in the York Rite of the future?

The Jedi Grand Master-- I'll bet Yoda sits in the East!

The movies never show what happens after the regularly stated meetings, but I wonder if there are hot dogs and green beans afterwards?

Sir Knight?
I wonder if they have a big annual Convocation where all the Jedi Masters come together and have a meeting, then enjoy a few nice dinners together at a nice hotel.  There are probably vendors set up in the basement where the Jedi Masters can buy belt buckles, key-chains, and cuff-links with light sabers on them.  Of course they'll have those little round Master and Knights emblems for sale for the back of the family Landspeeder, and maybe a nice sweater for the family dog that says "My Master is a Jedi Master."

So was Yoda a Freemason?  I don't know how to tell you this--you better sit down.  Star Wars isn't real.

No, Yoda is not a Freemason. But try watching those movies again now, and not seeing the similarities.

May the Force be with you.

~Todd E. Creason
The Midnight Freemason


  1. Good one, and the similarities are there. A legitimate follow-up may be: George Lucas (or any of the writers) - Freemason or not?

  2. I looked into that--sad to say George Lucas isn't a Freemason. But although I wrote this tongue in cheek, he did incorporate into his story all kinds of themes from ancient mythologies and legends. It's the classic hero quest. You find it in Beowulf, you find it in Greek Mythology, and even Tolkien used that classic story as a framework for the Lord of the Rings. It's not that far a stretch to imagine as Lucas wove his tale, he might have incorporated themes from the worlds oldest fraternal organization. I'd sure love to ask him!

  3. I'm glad everyone enjoyed this post... I got an email about it from a 33rd Degree Mason in the Southern Jurisdiction. I'll shield his identity, but it made me laugh. It was one sentence, and of all the things I wrote, he took exception to one remark. The email said simply... "What do you mean Star Wars isn't real?"

    It's good to know I'm not the only Mason with a sense of humor.

  4. You have to be a Jedi Knight prior to being a Jedi master.

  5. The Jedi knights go back to the templar knights. In freemasonry there is a little green mediator or genie like creature called yota. The ancient Egyptians said the Sun walked across the sky and that's where Luke Skywalker comes from. And then of course as you said there is the light and dark sides which go back to the oldest of the mystery schools. So I would say George Lucas was very illuminated in freemasonry.


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