Tuesday, February 7, 2012

L. Ron Hubbard: Freemason Or Not?

L. Ron Hubbard

"Never regret yesterday. Life is in you today, and you make your tomorrow."

~L. Ron Hubbard
Founder of the Church of Scientology

Author and founder of the Church of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, is often said to have been a Freemason. He was friends with Jack Parsons, chemist, and founder of the Jet Propulsion Laboratories.   Jack Parsons was also the head of the AgapĂ© Lodge of the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) in Los Angeles, California, and later head of the Pasadena OTO branch. It is believed that Hubbard was initiated into the OTO in 1944 by either Aleister Crowley or Jack Parsons, in fact, that may very well have been where and when he and Jack Parsons met.  However, whether or not he was member of OTO is of little importance in determining if L. Ron Hubbard was a Freemason--Ordo Templi Orientis is not a Masonic organization.

He may have very well been a member of OTO, but there is no evidence that L. Ron Hubbard was a Freemason.



  1. About 1954, at a Scientology group meeting held by George Wichelow, friend of Hubbard, a member of the audience (a Mrs Parselle), asked if the interlocking triangles of the Scientology symbol had anything to do with Solomon's Seal. Wichelow replied quietly that LRH had been a 'big Mason' as had he - and what the Scientology triangles represented was Solomon's Seal 'set aside'.
    It had done a good job but it was now time for something new.

    (From my new book)

    [I was present at the above meeting at Brunswick House, in Notting Hill, London].

    1. If L. Ron Hubbard was a Mason, he would have had to have belonged to a lodge--especially if he was a "big Mason." Not one time has anyone offered the name of the lodge he was a member of or was made a Mason in. I've been doing this for some years, and if he was a Mason, it wouldn't be hard to prove. Nobody has provided any evidence, and I've never found any. I'll stick by my original statement. L. Ron Hubbard WAS NOT a Mason. Be happy to change that assessment as soon as somebody gives me a lodge number (or even a state or country).

  2. On some of the counseling question lists there are security check questions asking specifically if the interviewee is a Freemason, member of the OTO, fbi, cia, Government, Psychiatry, military or military intel. If you are discovered to be a FM you are kicked out on the spot because it is regarded as a Suppressive group as is the OTO. I believe this was done to weed out anyone who knew of Hubbard's life pre-scientolgy. The security level within Scientology is quite something, even if you're in good standing. As if they don't want you to find out too much.

    Both Hubbard and Crowley were anti-psychiatry because they knew it's roots in the occult. Hubbard morphed Freud's Psychoanalysis into Diantetics too and borrowed heavily from Crowley. Crowley's Magical Memory became Hubbard's Time track. Also Hubbard refers to Crowley's The Master Therion in his lectures and talks of magic and magicians often.

    In terms of Hubbard practicing the Occult Scientolgy is splattered with Occult and Magical symbols and procedures throughout, under various guises and that in Crowley's A.A to reach the Grade of Adeptus Exemptus, “The Adept must prepare and publish a thesis setting forth his knowledge of the Universe, and his proposals for its welfare and progress. He will thus be known as the leader of a school of thought.” It is apparent that Hubbard has fulfilled this requirement.

  3. This is really proving some things. Thank you Mr. Creason for putting forth some fact, that is, that there are no records of Hubbard belonging to some lodge.

  4. What you have yet to address is that Masonry and Jesuits are two of the more influential (and dangerous) constructs of the Illuminati. It might help your audience to know that Freud was an arrogant atheist (Jung who did better was a weak and lazy believer who never found 80+% of the value of dreams) and Freud the fraud didn't even find 10%.

  5. Thanks for your comment, but I'm not sure what this has to do with my post. Seems like a rant to me. Freemasonry is a fraternity--nothing more. There is no evidence that the Illuminati survived beyond 1785, and they weren't very significant even when they existed. Neither Freud nor Jung were Freemasons, and again, I have no idea what this is in reference to--my post has nothing to do with dreams, and dream interpretation isn't a part of Freemasonry. Please feel free to leave comments when you have something to say, but I would appreciate in the future, if you would make sure they were relevant to the subject.


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